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You should only use the forms collected here if you are a customer of our service DENICdirect (i.e. if you have arranged to have your domain administered directly by DENICdirect rather than through one of our members).
1.  Register a domain (for DENICdirect-customers)
To request registration of a domain, please return the fully completed and signed request form, which consists of the first four pages of the document retrieved here, to us. Please note that DENIC will not store the filled-in document. We therefore recommend you to keep a copy of this document.

2.  Update of domain data (for DENICdirect-customers)

3.  Set AuthInfo for a Provider Change to your new provider  To increase readability and insure that your password is set correctly, we recommend, for your security, that you fill this form out on your computer or with a typewriter.

4.  Delete a domain (for DENICdirect-customers)  This form is only for domain holders who are customers of our service DENICdirect. Domain holders, whose domains are not administrated by DENICdirect, must contact their provider directly in order to delete their domains.

The forms are available as PDFs. You can download the current Adobe Acrobat Reader using the link provided. The forms can be filled out online and then printed. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher is necessary in order to use all of the characters available for .de-Domains when filling out these forms online.